Author Dr. Richard B. Liposky

Dr. LiposkyDr. Liposky is a businessman and Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.  While in private practice, he provided surgical services to the Freedom Fighters in Central America and was a consultant to the US State Department People to People program.

He has been active in professional associations, patented medical devices and developed and implemented new surgical procedures. He is contributing author of a textbook on facial reconstruction and has authored many professional and newspaper articles. Dr Liposky hosted a weekly radio show and has given more than 200 presentations to professional organizations.

With more than 50 years of business experience, Dr Liposky has had the privilege of coaching new physicians, dentists and business men and women in starting, developing, and growing their businesses or practices.  He teaches them to integrate sound business principles with continued personal growth and innovative ideas.

His popular book, “It’s not what I know…It’s how I learned it,” released in 2014, showcases how to start, grow and stay in business.

Grandpa and Andy, a grandfather’s handbook, is for all generations. Grandparents will reminisce.  Parents will remember.  Grandchildren will reflect.  Where did Grandpa learn all that stuff? “Let me ‘splain!” Grandpa said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. It’s all inside.

Dr L’s passion is the four “G’s.”  Grandma, Grandchildren, Golf and Gardening in that order.  He loves to see people find and then achieve their dreams.  Success is a journey.  He will wave the checkered flag.

Grandpa and Andy

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