Grandpa sits down with his pup at his side

Grandpa and AndyWhen Grandpa sits back, with his pup at his side
He remembers the days, and many to choose
When dreams of the future were many and distant
When the dream could be changed with a blink of an eye
When things could be better with hard work and pride

Dreams of success, of family, friends and the future
Often measured in numbers by others
But only experienced by the dreamer
By the comfort one feels deep within
When he opens his eyes and his pup at his side

He remembers the dash, from then until now
The good times, the tough times, and even the sad
Because each time, is only a moment
We declare good or bad
But the next moment is ours to do what we choose
We live it regardless, win, draw or loose.

Coming soon: Grandpa and Andy … a grandfathers’ handbook

Remember when you held him close?

Grandpa and AndyGrandpa remembers the moments when he picked him up, held him high, and let him drop into his arms. He was tiny and scared. But, by the third time, he was laughing and wanted to do it again. Grandpa would keep him safe.

Grandpa remembers holding his hand when they went for walks in the garden. He remembers reaching for the wobbling handles on the bike as he learned to ride. Grandpa remembers that first hand shake, such a little hand but a big smile. He was growing up.

Grandpa remembers that strong handshake, a grown mans grip, when they looked eye to eye. Grandpa hasn’t been able to pick him up in years. But Grandpa’s spirits are picked up everyday as he remembers the little guy that he used to hug, hold high, then hug again. These are puffed up moments.

Coming soon: Grandpa and Andy … a grandfathers’ handbook.

Grandpa training session: It’s tough being a Grandpa

Grandpa and AndyWe get one chance at being a Mom and Dad. We also get one chance at being a Grandpa. Since we have more kids to choose from, Grandpas have options. The other side is that, since we have a bigger audience, we have two generations of critics.

Grandpas know how to deal with criticism. By the time he is a Grandpa, he has been in training by Grandma for at least 20 years. Grandma is convinced that Grandpa is ready to graduate from her training program. After all, it would take too long to train another one.

Grandpa learns to get the last word in. “Yes, Dear!” Grandma thinks he has finally learned. Grandpa calls it wisdom. Grandma thinks Grandpa is getting a little forgetful. Grandpa just remembers the important things. Everything else, Grandma will remind him!

So when the grandkids come around, they like to listen to Grandpa. He tells all the neat stories. He tells about why things happened in the past and what things are going to happen in the future. He has a story for almost every subject. Sometimes the story changes but the subject is the same. Other times, the story is the same but the subject changed. Never could figure out how he does that.

Grandpas have that little twinkle in their eye when the grandkids are around. He may have a two-day bristle, a missing tooth or two, and glasses that need cleaned. But he always has a smile. He always has a “come here, give Grandpa a hug.”

Coming April 2017: “Grandpa and Andy … a grandfather’s handbook”
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