It’s not where you grow’s where you end up that countsIt’s not where you grow up…it’s where you end up that counts.  It sounds simple but understanding and embracing something that simple can change lives.  Our future will be determined by our response to our environment better known as our circumstances.   We enjoy rags to riches stories because they prove that success can come to anyone who works for it.  Success comes to anyone willing to learn and grow.

Who’s in control?
We have choices.  If we accept that we are a product of our circumstances, then we will be like a leaf floating on a pond.  We will go where the current takes us. When our circumstances over whelm us, liked a soaked leave, we will simply sink to the bottom of the pond.  But, if we believe that we can respond to and change our circumstances, we will determine where life’s current will take us.

You don’t under stand my circumstances.
“But you don’t understand my circumstances.”  We hear that a lot these days  and I simply ask, “What are you doing to change?”  It stops people in their tracks.

I may not understand your circumstances but we can probably find someone with similar circumstances who changed, worked and grew through them.  It’s not so much the how they changed, it is why and what motivated them to change.

You can’t change where you grow up…but you determine where you end up.  Don’t get caught under your circumstances.  You can’t change the past.  The past represents everything that you have learned up until today.  The past can’t be changed but the past determined where you are today.  What you have learned to this day and what you learn today and tomorrow will determine where you will be tomorrow and in the future.

Who has my keys?
That means that you own the keys to your future.  Success or failure will be determined by your willingness to grow and change.  Growth requires energy but change requires an attitude…a vision of what is to come.  Even the perfect flower must go through growth and change.  We see it as a bud, a blossom, a beautiful flower and then the seeds for future flowers.   Some flowers take longer to blossom and produce seeds but the process is the same.  Patience.  Persistence.

The attitude for change
Our desire for change comes from what we have learned to this day about our past and what we might achieve in the future.  Our decision to change will be based on our belief that we can direct changes for our future.  It’s the Attitude for success. Education is the foundation for any success whether it involves the family, our person, our business or our profession.  If we do not embrace education as the foundation for change, we cannot change.

You can’t change where you grow up…but you determine where you end up.
What ever is holding you back, your circumstances, can be changed.  It starts with a decision.

Do I need to change?
Two things are important:

  1. We must recognize that education is mandatory for success.
  2. We must be willing to commit to the education process. Become a student.

Tough Questions:

  1. Are you happy where you are?
  2. Are you willing to change in order to have change? To grow?
  3. Are you willing to make the ultimate commitment to change?

Tough Answers

  1. I’m happy but willing to change.  I learn from everything I do. You see what you are doing as the foundation for future endeavors…and great success. Greatest potential.
  2. I’m unhappy, willing to change and willing to commit to my future.

You will achieve your dreams. Unlimited success.

  1. I’m unhappy, willing to change but I’m too busy right now.  There is too much stuff going on in my life.  Reasons and excuses will dominate the conversation.
  2. I’m unhappy, but I’m not willing to make any changes.    Quit complaining and get ‘happy’!

How do I change?
For change to be beneficial, it must accomplish a goal.  So the first order of business is to set your goal.  Where do you want to be in five years?  What specifically do you want to change and when? Change for the sake of change is fruitless.  It’s like exchanging one fat food for another fat food and expecting to loose weight.  You have altered your diet (change) with no chance of loosing weight (goal).

You can do it but you can’t do it alone.  Surround yourself with an educational support system.  That means books, coaches, mentors and people who will embrace your vision of your success.  Initially your support system may be found in books and education material.  You may have to help the people around you see and understand your vision.

Truly successful people are always willing to help others to become successful.  That is the common trait of successful people.  They surround them selves with successful people, become successful and then reach out to help others. Reach out to successful people, and then listen and learn.  You can do it!

It not how long it takes to reach your goals, it’s that you don’t quit on the journey.  It begins with a decision.  You can’t change where you grow up … but you determine where you end up.  You can do it!

Read: Chapter 12, Circles of Influence, Grandpa And Andy, by Dr Richard B Liposky at

In the next article, let’s explore the four elements that affect change:  Books, People, Time, and Attitude.

Dr R B Liposky